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Distinctive Camo Designs

Standing out at a clothing rack, disappearing in the field

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About Distinctive Camo Designs

Distinctive Camo Designs was founded to break the mold in camo design and offer unique approaches to camouflage applications. Patterns available here stand out among the military surplus or mainstream market while striving to provide top notch concealment in the field. 

Distinctive Camo Designs intends to provide optimal camouflage effectiveness in any desired environment through continous research and development and close cooperation with the customer.

Check out the Blog for links to companies I am already working with - selling my own fabric via an online store will be the next step.

There are a couple of different fabric and apparel options I source from small companies and dropship myself, such as:

  • IR-compliant viscose poplin

  • Cotton twill

  • Mesh

  • Waterproof polyester

  • Athletic T-sirts and longsleeves 

  • Hoodies

To order these, please make sure to contact me via e-mail:

At the moment, the products on offer are more on the "lifestyle" side of things -further cooperation with manufacturers of military grade or robust outdoor fabrics and items is sought. 

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